A move between countries usually involves goods. It can be furniture for individuals or other items such as art, bikes, automobile, or heavy items. We make sure that everything is taken care of regarding packing and unpacking, and together with our customer we decide on the best transport option based upon the rules and regulations for each specific country.

  • Household and Personal Items
  • Container, Truck, Rail, Air and Sea


Logistic advisory and assistance is offered when goods and individuals need separate arrivals or if goods need specific routes. Planning is also required when there are certain types of goods involved, such as art, automobiles, and pets.

  • Freight
  • Storage (Temporary and Long Term)
  • Import / Export Assistance

It is all about preparations and eliminating stress elements. It is good to know what to expect before coming to Sweden. That is why Sweden Relocation eliminates time-, money-, and effort barriers before, during, and after the move takes place.
Contact us for a free shipping or moving quote. Let us know the specifications of goods, quantity of moving boxes, m3, and pick-up and destination addresses. Also when you are planning the shipment/move, if any specific dates. Click on the link on the menu to the left to get your Free moving quote.