Moving services

It is all about preparations when moving to a new environment. If the whole family is prepared before the move there are less possibilities for set-backs and unwanted surprises.
We can pack, unpack, and transport most kinds of goods, by truck, air, or sea freight. Please contact us for a free quote.
Before departure to the new city, a full analysis of individuals and family to predetermine requirements and needs
We then match the needs and give advisory  about the new environment  such as neighborhood, hobbies, schools, interests, job distance and others

4. Pre-visit
In order to completely grasp what the new city has to offer, we can give you a complete on-the-spot guidance about it. Take some time and visit the new environment before the actual move takes place.

  • Personal tour around living area, city and roundabouts
  • Guidance and information about spare time and recreational activities

6. Spouse career assistance
A couple is made of two persons. Through our network we can assist in finding a job or study possibilities for him/her. Help with screening competence level, advisory to find possible study or employment opportunities.


8. Ongoing support / Helpline
It can be good and safe to know that there is always someone to turn to when a question arises. It can be anything really. This module is great to have in the beginning when arriving in a new country. One person at Sweden Relocation, always ready to support and help any kind of inquiry from the recruit or family.