Integration services

Cross-Culture Training and Coaching
Returning home or coming to a new country can be challenging in many aspects. We offer preparation courses for leaving and returning expatriates. We can also give continuous coaching and support during a term abroad.

Language Training

By learning the local language there are better chances of integrating faster in the new environment. We can advise our clients how to learn the language and recommend the best foreign language instructors or institutions for our clients needs.

Spouse / Partner Support

Families often move to a new country because of a career move. We can aid the spouse with guidance and support in how to expand their network, get integrated faster, and find employment.
Ongoing Support / Support Phone Line
Sweden Relocation offers our clients an ongoing support phone line where questions can be raised. This gives the individual or family a sense of security and eases the burden from the employer.


Our extensive client base covers many different nationalities in different locations around Sweden. We try to maintain contact with most clients after the move is completed and organize get-togethers. It can be after-work, barbecue or luncheons.