We offer our clients and families a team of specialists in order to give the best service. Our senior advisors has many years of experience working with public service, migration, real estate, taxation, insurances, financial advisory, and others.

Our main goals are to;

  • give the employer possibilities to get rid of internal workload and create employer branding
  • give the employee and family better possibilities to settle-in and adapt to their new environment

Below we list all our relocation services and further down we explain a little more about each one. 
These services modules can be adapted after each individual or family and combined into package solutions:

  1. Moving services
  2. Home search
  3. Immigration, bank, authorities & legal framework
  4. Pre-visit
  5. Complete storage
  6. Special import/export
  7. Children & adolescents
  8. Spouse career assistance
  9. Orientation
  10. Settling-in Basic
  11. Settling-in Advanced
  12. Professional networking
  13. Ongoing support / Helpline
  14. Intercultural- and language courses
  15. Departure

1. Moving services
It is all about preparations when moving to a new environment. If the whole family is prepared before the move there are less possibilities for set-backs and unwanted surprises.

  • We can pack, unpack, and transport most kinds of goods, by truck, air, or sea freight. Please contact us for a free quote.
  • Before departure to the new city, a full analysis of individuals and family to predetermine requirements and needs
  • We then match the needs and give advisory  about the new environment  such as neighborhood, hobbies, schools, interests, job distance and others

2. Home search
Finding the right home is very important. Through our extensive network, we can find, select, and match the right home for the right individual or family. We cover most cities in Sweden regardless what your needs are; apartments, villas, penthouses, countryside cottages, and downtown condos. Flexibility is important towards our clients and we can tailor your needs accordingly. For example, we offer our clients a complete solution where we administrate and take care of all lease agreements.

3. Immigration, bank, authorities & legal framework
Sweden Relocation offers service in processing Swedish Business Visa and Residence Permit (PUT). We also have expertise in processing different tax documents and registrations, such as the Expert Tax. We provide advisory in contacts with all government authorities:

  • Immigration and legal status in Sweden  - e.g., Swedish Business Visa and Residence Permit (PUT)
  • Bank account, health insurance, fiscal and tax registration (Skatteverket), the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan)

4. Pre-visit
In order to completely grasp what the new city has to offer, we can give you a complete on-the-spot guidance about it. Take some time and visit the new environment before the actual move takes place.

  • Personal tour around living area, city and roundabouts
  • Guidance and information about spare time and recreational activities

5. Complete storage
Storage is always needed. It is just a matter of space, time and priority. Moving to a new home can also bring some problems with storage. Bicycles, unwanted furniture, or winter clothing.

6. Special import/export
Do you need to bring something precious over the border? A favorite automobile, a painting, or your dog? We can administer and take care of processes regarding moving special items and pets across borders. There are restrictions and regulations that need to be followed.

  • Vehicles, art, house hold pets.
  • Transport, customs, taxes, and registration among others.

7. Children & adolescents
Sweden can offer a very good and pedagogical environment for children and adolescents. However, there are also exceptions and we want to help to find the best possible match.

  • Provide information on international schools and/or Swedish schools, kinder gardens, nurseries
  • Arrange and accompany on visits to schools
  • Help with school selection

8. Spouse career assistance
A couple is made of two persons. Through our network we can assist in finding a job or study possibilities for him/her. Help with screening competence level, advisory to find possible study or employment opportunities.

9. Orientation
Accompanied guided tour around the neighborhood. Get to know the aurroundings and what it can offer. 

10. Settling-in Basic
What is the voltage in Sweden and where is my favorite espresso machine? A newcomer faces many challenges in a new country. In this module we help with the basic things:

  • Assistance during the move-in
  • Co-ordinate temporary accommodation, if needed
  • Introduction to neighborhood, i.e. local health clubs, grocery stores, bakeries
  • Introduction to local Newcomers Club, expat network, community and associations
  • Assistance with securing domestic help, baby-sitter, gardener, and handy-man
  • Shopping information (supermarkets, malls, stores etc… )
  • Electrical appliances purchase and hook ups
  • Furniture purchase and decorating assistance
  • Assistance on finding everyday household utensils
  • Assistance with automobile purchase
  • Leisure activities and kids entertainment
  • Pet information
  • Transportation issues
  • Provide printed material of the country, area, and/or town

11. Settling-in Advanced
Your country's cuisine is probably fantastic.  But it is very nice to learn to appreciate the Swedish cuisine too. Settling-in - Basic plus:

  • Swedish language advisory and recommendations
  • Personal economy advisory – bank system, savings, social insurance, family insurance, tax issues, declaration, home insurance
  • Overview and introduction to public service, local health and security issues
  • Workshop about Sweden – history, lifestyle (clothing, food etc.), traditions, social and political system

12. Professional networking
To participate in a professional networking group can raise your competence level and give you many new business contacts. We cooperate with local organizations and groups. Advice and introduction to enroll in professional networks based on e.g. competence, position, background or experience.

13. Ongoing support / Helpline
It can be good and safe to know that there is always someone to turn to when a question arises. It can be anything really. This module is great to have in the beginning when arriving in a new country. One person at Sweden Relocation, always ready to support and help any kind of inquiry from the recruit or family.

14. Intercultural- and language courses
We can perform intercultural- and language courses in our expert areas Sweden and Brazil. Our in-house experience and competence about these countries makes us your ideal provider and helper to understand culture, society, and language in these countries.
Brazil is an important partner of Sweden and we can prepare Swedish delegates/expatriates going to Brazil and Brazilian delegates/expatriates going to Sweden.

15. Departure
When your period or contract is finished in Sweden it is important to prepare and treat the details regarding the return with respect. We can take care of the most part of the departure needs.

  • Advice on termination of lease contract
  • Discuss departure checklist
  • Cancel utilities (paperwork)
  • Assist on inventory check-out and return of keys
  • Assistance on transport contract
  • Co-ordinate and supervise packing and transport
  • Arrange for cleaning