Housing services
Our home is our castle. No relocation can be done without finding a suitable home to live in and that is why this is the core service of our company. We have been working with many different clients with many different needs - we are customer oriented and experienced and also flexible in order to find a way to help.

Some examples on what we can assist with in this area are: 
  • Finding living accommodation to private individuals/companies
  • Searching for suitable tenants for real estate and property owners
  • Match-making between leaving and incoming expatriates, i.e. a family is moving abroad for a three year mission and want to rent out their house during this period. We might be able to match an incoming client family to that particular house.
  • Advisory and recommendation about sale or lease of properties

Home search
Sweden Relocation can find and match the right home for each specific need and client. We monitor the rental market have an extensive network within the real estate sector.

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Temporary and Long-Term Accommodation
We can offer short-term contracts for consultants working with time limited projects, and indefinite first-hand contracts to employees moving in permanently.

Corporate Apartments
Sweden Relocation can find moving-in ready, fully furnished accommodation to companies for their employees.

Property Inspections
We conduct inspections of accommodations before moving in and if needed inspections of the home when the lease is over.
Contract Administration and Handling
Rental contracts are negotiated and controlled by us. We are also able to assist with payments and keeping track of termination periods.

Utility Hookup Assistance (Electricity, Water, Cable, Internet)
All homes need utilities to function.  We make sure our clients get what they have asked for and that everything works when moving in.

Departure Service
We assist with all necessary steps that are needed when a client needs to leave the home, such as finalizing a rental contract, moving help, transports,  and termination of utilities.