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Relocation services
The word ”relocation” means “to move an employee for reasons of business to a new area or place of employment”
Our clients are private individuals and families, companies, schools, universities, private and public institutions, public offices and municipals.
Employees and temporary staff from other parts of Sweden, and abroad, are often needed and must be moved closer to the workplace for temporary or longer assignments.
In these cases the employee needs a safe landing in the new environment with a good choice of residence and measures for a safe and smooth settling-in process. A successful settling-in process can be connected to work performance according to a recent study (read more here).  The newcomers’ family also needs a smooth introduction and integration to melt in in their new environment - A complete soft-landing for all family members.
Sweden Relocation provides its customers a complete solution for the whole moving-, and integration process, including the move and finding residence alternatives.  Information about the public system, special settling-in modules, and local networking possibilities are also offered.
Sweden is a fantastic country to live in, it is relatively open, has a high transparency, and people are easy going. Families with children can find great living conditions in a great environment.  However, stress factors and oddities can build up if you don't properly prepare the whole family before the move. For example, without an introduction and overview about the Swedish public system, families will have challenges to understand it. Spouse and children that come along need attention and careful preparation before the move. It is of great importance to offer them a soft-landing and setting up social and leisure activities based upon their current life conditions and future expectations.  If the family conditions are properly taken care of, the expatriate can fully focus on his/her work. 

Sweden Relocation offers relocation services tailored to the specific needs of our clients and their families. Our team is made of professionals, each one a specialist in his/her area. This, combined with our wide network of professional contacts, enables us to cover all aspects of the relocation process. We work proactively and strive to make the international move easier and more cost-efficient for everyone involved.  We can coordinate the whole relocation process from door to door and our clients can trust us as a single point of contact for all inquiries. 

We help newcomers, expats, and re-migrating Swedes to adapt faster, better, and smoother in their new environment, in Sweden and abroad, and in particular assisting with the following services:
  • Moving & logistics – We assist to move your goods from A to B.
  • Settling-in services - Clothing, grocery shopping, cable TV, bank accounts and more.
  • Integration services - School selection, Swedish language, spouse job search.
  • Specialized services - Concierge, translation and VIP services.